Custom Outbound IVR
Send automated interactive voice messages for customer surveys, sales promotions, etc!
A custom Outbound IVR App (OIVR) is the ideal tool for automating routine daily phone calling tasks. The Outbound IVR system automatically dials out and delivers information to customers, patients, clients, students, etc., in the form a computerized voice, including reminders, update, notifications, confirmations, etc; and enables call recipients to interact with the system by pressing various keys on their phone keypad in response to the prompts they receive from the computerized voice.
We will build your custom Outbound IVR to meet your unique needs, requirements and specifications.  Once it’s built, you and your employees will be empowered to schedule and send interactive voice messages to individual or groups of customers, patients, clients, students, employees, etc., on any computer, in any location, at any time. When your customers answer the call from your custom Outbound IVR, they can interact and respond to pre-recorded voice message in real-time by pressing various keys on their phone keypad!

Outbound Caller ID | Your Outbound IVR empowers you to select your main office phone number or your IVR system phone number as the Outbound Caller ID number (the phone number your call recipients see on their phone's Caller ID screen when they receive a call from your business).

Recipient Response | Your Outbound IVR enables call recipients to respond to voice prompts by pressing keys on their phone keypad ("press 1 for yes, 2 for no"), and tracks all recipient responses for you. You can also monitor recipient responses in real time. Ideal for confirmations, updates, polls, surveys, monitoring, and much more.

Outgoing Call Flows | Your Outbound IVR empowers you create and store as many custom call flows as you need, then select the call flow you want your IVR system to use when it dials out.  A "Call Flow" is a set of step-by-step instructions you give your IVR system on how to process a call.  For example: If a human answers, play Greeting 1, but if an answering machine or voicemail answers, play Greeting 2; or if a human answers and selects menu option 1, deliver information "A", then notify the sales department.

Outgoing Greeting/Menus | Your Outbound IVR empowers you to create your custom outgoing Greeting/Menus easily by simply typing in your script and letting the Text-To-Speech engine convert your text into voice, enabling you to quickly change, modify and update your script.  You can also upload a MP3 recording or record your outgoing Greeting/Menus over-the-phone.  You can create as many layers (sub-menus) as you need.

Outgoing Queue | Your Outbound IVR enables you to view, monitor and delete outgoing calls that are scheduled to go out at a future date and time.

Group Calling | Your Outbound IVR can call a group of people on-demand (non-scheduled), delivering and collecting information in just seconds. Ideal when something comes up and you need to quickly reach a group of people via phone.

Scheduled Calling | Your Outbound IVR empowers you to schedule outgoing calls for a future date and time.  Calls can be scheduled to be delivered once, multiple times on various days, or on a recurring daily, weekly or monthly basis- as reminders, notifications and updates. Your IVR system can call one single person, or a group of people (everyone on one of your existing contact list).  Ideal for regular maintenance notifications, seasonal notifications, as well as monthly, quarterly, and annual notifications.

Appointment Based Calling | Your Outbound IVR empowers you to upload a list of appointments, then it calls and delivers appointment reminders one (1) day before the appointment as well as one (1) hour before the appointment.  Ideal for appointments, reservations, bookings, etc.

Call Series | Your Outbound IVR empowers you to create a series of voice messages and send each voice message in the series one-at-a-time, in the correct sequential order.  For example, you could send a new customer a total of three (3) “welcome” voice messages, with only one of the messages sent at-a-time, instead of sending all three (3) voice messages at the same time.  The 1st voice message could the an “intro” or “setup” voice message, the 2nd voice message could be a “tips & advice” voice message and the 3rd voice message could be a “survey” or “upgrade now” voice message.  One voice message could be automatically delivered each week, in sequential order, improving your customer care and follow up with your customers.


You can use your existing business phone number as the outbound Caller ID number, so recipients of calls from your custom Outbound IVR will see a familiar number (your business number) in the Caller ID on the screen of their phone. 

You can also get a custom phone number to use with your custom Outbound IVR, including...

Repeating Digit Numbers- Get a memorable number with repeating digits, like 404-444-4000, 202-222-2222, etc!

Local Vanity Numbers- Get a memorable number that spells a word, like 214-INJURED, 218-FITNESS, etc!

Clone Numbers- The same exact number in various area codes, like 731-325-8200, 901-325-8200, 615-325-8200, etc.

Toll Free Vanity Numbers- Get awesome toll free numbers, like 877-FLOWERS, 866-PLUMBER, 888-MEDICAL, etc.

Phone Integrations

Phone Plug-Ins

Automate your tedious, routine and repetitive tasks by integrating your
phone system with the software you use every day to run your business. 
When an event, activity or action occurs in your CRM, Calendar, or other
business software, it will trigger your phone system to automatically
perform a phone calling task for you!  Also, when your business receives
a call, it will trigger the software you use to automatically perform a
data processing tasks or trigger one of your Cloud Communications apps
(SMS, email, etc) to perform a communications task.
We embed custom outbound calling functionality into the business software you use to run your business, empowering you to make calls while logged in to your CRM, calendar, contacts manager, etc.

Plug-ins help centralize and streamline daily calling and computing tasks, improving workflow and saving time and money! There are 3 available outbound calling features, including...

Text-To-Voice Calling
Dial Pad Calling
Click Calling