About Us
When Comcast, Spectrum and the other cable TV companies launched their business class telephone service, they received a lot of complaints, criticism, and cancellations, because they could not install their phone services in a lot of geographic locations that they promised customers they could, or took them way too long to install their phone service- sometimes as long as 6 months!  So, Jerald Jerkins, an Atlanta, GA entrepreneur, formed Gr8r Telecom- the nation’s 1st and only telecom firm able to provide phone & Internet services at practically every location within the continental USA- including urban, rural and secluded areas. Gr8r Telecom provided temporary phone & Internet service for businesses while they waited on their cable TV company to complete installation, and we provided permanent phone & Internet service in places where MSOs could not.  Now, after 10+ years of success and many happy customers of Comcast, Spectrum and other MSOs, Gr8r Telecom is disrupting the telecommunications industry by providing businesses with their own custom communications system!

Gr8r Telecom 1.0

From the beginning until today, Comcast, Spectrum and the other cable TV companies (MSOs) have failed to provide phone & Internet service to some businesses who signed up for their business class services.  In some cases, the MSO promised to provide phone & Internet service, then reneged after discovering they could not provide service at the specific geographic location.  In other cases, the MSO took so long to install their phone & Internet service (sometimes up to 6 months), that the customer cancelled the order! This failure on the part of MSOs caused serious problems, challenges and issues for businesses all across the USA!  Until 2019, Gr8r Telecom provided solutions to businesses that were underserved or never served by an MSO.  We provided temporary phone & Internet service for businesses, while they waited for weeks or months for their local MSO to complete construction and installation, and we provided phone & Internet service for businesses in locations where MSOs could not provide service, including rural and secluded areas!

Gr8r Telecom 2.0

Now, in 2020, Gr8r Telecom is part of the revolution in the telecommunications industry, empowering businesses of every size, shape, and industry with their own custom communications system(s)!  Business owners, managers and administrators no longer have to settle for prefab “one-size fits all” communications services that don’t actually “fit” their business, and can’t be modified to adapt the rapid changes in the business sector.  Now, they can get their own customized phone & cloud communications that fit their unique needs, requirements and specifications!​